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welcome to the official 'muh'-site. muh is a quite versatile irc-bouncer for unix. an irc-bouncer is a program that acts as a middleman between your irc-client and your irc-server.
if you have no idea what this is good for you probably don't need it.

muh's features include:

  • a permanent connection to the irc-server is maintained - on networks without noteservs/nickservs this can be handy (guard your nick, log messages from your friends)
  • dcc-bouncing (+resume)
  • customizable logging
  • flood-protection (optionally ignore people host-based)
  • message-logging (+forwarding to e.g. an email-address)
  • vhost-support
  • ...

there is a stable and a dev-version available. because the latter is usually quite stable and since we need feedback i encourage you to use it.
there are also packages available for several unix-distributions (see links).


[jan 2003] there's a windows-port available, check the links-section

[mar 2002] there is some fresh and new muh-activity! muh has moved to sourceforge and we're working on a brand new and funky version of muh!

where's the stuff?

at the sourceforge muh-project-page.
report bugs to the tracking system and subscribe yourself to the mailinglists! people that have been subscribed to the lists must resubscribe there again.


the online-version of the muh manual
miau, a muh-branch
freebsd irc-ports
novell netware port
windows-port (cygwin) (taken offline?)
an ipv6-version of muh (not tested by me!)

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